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Haast's Eagle
Vital statistics
Attributes Very large, grey and black feathers, brown ring around neck, massive wingspan, identical to large harpy eagle
Diet Other animals, mostly Moa, and humans
Fossil finds New Zealand
Temporal fossil range Late Pleistocene to Holocene
0.0117 million years ago to the year 1400
Possibly surviving until 1870
Other names
Production information
Notable individuals
TV appearances Monsters we Met: End of Eden
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The Haast's Eagle was a very large eagle native to New Zealand. It was the dominant predator of the island until humans arrived and hunted down the Moa, its only food source.

The eagle was one of three large predators that restricted human colonisation of major landmasses, a last stand of sorts for nature.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

The Haast's Eagle was very similar to the harpy eagle, with a white head, grey feathers, and a darker ring engulfing its neck. However, the Haast's Eagle was much, much larger; not quite the size or weight of the Moa, it was the second largest animal on New Zealand

Although physically similar to a harpy eagle, the animal was much more related to smaller eagles such the as the booted eagles.


Behaviour and traitsEdit

Perhaps the only prey item of the Haast's Eagle was the Moa. Moa were the largest animal on New Zealand at the time, and their flightlessness made them easy for the eagle to hunt. Unfortunately, it also enabled human immigrants to hunt them, leaving the eagle without a food supply.

The eagle also hunted and killed these human foreigners. Since, from above, they beared some resemblance to Moa, the eagle may not have even realised them to be a different animal.

Like its prey, the Haast's Eagle lived over both open grasslands and the lush broadleaf forests, though venturing into the forests would have made it far more difficult for it to hunt.

Since there were no mammals on New Zealand before humans arrived, birds filled all available ecological niches. Whilst the Moa was a grazing animal akin to antelope or buffalo, the eagle was the top active predator, like the lion.

In Monsters we MetEdit

End of EdenEdit

An eagle observes a pair of humans collecting wood. From above, the pair look- to the eagle -like Moa, prompting it to swoop down and attack. The pair flee, and the eagle seperates them, managing to pin down and kill one. As the other looks on, the eagle eats her.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The Haast's Eagle in End of Eden was portrayed by a specially trained harpy eagle.[1]

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